The full-service CPA firm
specialized in the Higher
Education Industry.

Work with the firm that understands how to navigate
your financial regulatory challenges.

"We help our clients navigate the many financial rules and regulations of the US Department of Education."

We provide peace of mind to
educational institutions.

Secialized in higher education:

We focus on Higher Education Institutions. Today's increasingly
demanding regulatory environment requires the expertise we bring
to our clients to be successful.

Title IV compliance:

Our in-depth knowledge of Title IV financial aid compliance
regulations uniquely positions our firm to provide our clients with the
best advice and solutions to achieve their goals in the shortest time

Audit and program reviews:

We have the expertise our clients need to perform financial and
compliance audits, as well as to help them respond to Department
of Education program reviews.

Quality assurance:

Our people are measured by a standard of performance that
encompasses reliability, adaptability, productivity and integrity. Our
firm is peer reviewed, quality control evaluated by the non-federal
OIG team and a member of the AICPA government quality audit

Lead by a recognized expert in the industry

Our educational services group is led by Domingo Alvarez, CPA. Domingo has more than 20
years of experience in the education industry, long-time volunteering as a prominent member
of various state college and university associations, and is a frequent presenter at
industry-specific seminars.

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